stop the destruction of the world

33rd STOP

You are cordially invited to participate in a study group that will analyze the Marian Messages in the light of modern trilogical science.

We, Theologians Without Borders from the Department of Theology of the Trilogical Colleges, continuing our project STOP the Destruction of the World, are organizing a four-day Online Forum dedicated to raising awareness of the psycho-social inversions, most of which are still unconscious, which are the main causes of great tribulations of our times and that prevent the content of thousands of messages from Mary over the last few centuries from being realized.

The Forum will not be a place to discuss religious doctrines, but rather, a platform to analyze and raise awareness in an objective and scientific way, the messages of Our Holy Mother, that when better understood, we believe will be of great benefit to humanity!

When ?

10, 11, 12 and 13 of May, 2024


Where ?

Online – here in this site

Who Should Participate ?

This Forum is for all those interested in restoring society. The 33rd Forum STOP the Destruction of the World – About Marian Messages is applied to any and all peoples, professions, areas of research and intellectual and practical disciplines.

Participantes do Congresso fora do pacote de hospedagem: R$ 100,00 por dia.

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