stop the destruction of the world

33rd STOP

Live Streaming

Friday, May 10th at 6pm: (Brazilian time)

Opening session with Gilbert Gambucci, coordinator of the 33rd International Forum STOP the Destruction of the World, together with speakers and professors from the Theologians without Borders Project.

Presentations in English and Portuguese.

Saturday, May 11th at 9am: (Brazilian time)

Lecture in Portuguese:

The Holy Mother’s Fifth Dogma, with Dr. Cláudia B. S. Pacheco, Reverend Aurélio Lima Correia and Professor Cesar Soós.

Sunday, May 12th:

Lectures in Spanish:

10am: The Importance of Garabandal Within the Marian Apparitions, with José Maria Sánchez Carrión.

11am: Apparitions of Our Lady: Origins, Connections and Purposes, with Arnoldo José de Hoyos Guevara.

12am: Fátima: Pending Prophecy, with Luis Eduardo López Padilla.

Lectures in English:

2pm: Pursuing the Future Our Lady Has Promised Us, with Suzanne Pearson.

3pm: Fátima: The ‘Summa’ of Our Lady’s Message to Mankind, with David Rodríguez.

4pm: Mary and Transformation in Christ : From Cana through the Crusades to the Syllabus of Pius IX and Beyond , with Dr. John C. Rao.

Monday, May 13th at 6pm: (Brazilian time)

Plenary in English:

Fátima and the Divine Scalar Energy, with Cláudia Bernhardt S. Pacheco, Suzanne Pearson and teachers from the Theologians Without Borders Project.

Introduction to the 22nd International Congress of Analytical Trilogy, with Gilbert Gambucci.

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