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Recently, several contacts in Germany said that they became aware of Keppe Motor Technology a few years ago through the website slimlife.eu/keppemotor.html, as a result of their search for alternative and sustainable energy on the internet. Here’s a translation of the slimlife.eu/keppemotor webpage:

Welcome! Free energy, clean and cheap. An energy which helps you live self-sufficiently

A motor that can change the world has been silenced!
Unbeatable proof of the suppression of revolutionary technologies by business, politics, science and the media.
The so-called conspiracy theories are real!
The Keppe Motor is basically an electric motor, but very special and extremely efficient, because it doesn’t get its energy only from a wall outlet or a battery. It extracts most of its energy from space or from scalar energy, as Norberto Keppe calls it. Apparently the Keppe Motor works on 2/3 of the energy from space in comparison with conventional technology, but what are the text book physicists saying about this?
They will be completely taken aback when they discover that two Brazilian researchers Carlos Cesar Soos and Roberto Heitor Frascari developed this motor based on the research of Brazilian scientist Norberto Da Rocha Keppe, and he is not even a physicist, but an experienced and highly qualified psychologist and psychoanalyst!
Norberto Keppe added some extremely critical knowledge to the dogma of physics, as he exposed in 1996 in his book: “The New Physics Derived from A Disinverted Metaphysics”
His research took divine principles into account and clarifies the fixed ideas of textbook physics that energy should always come from material.
Find out more about this and the Keppe Motor with examples of applications, prototypes,
and machines with Keppe Motors which are already available to buy on the Keppe Motor site in Germany and online.
The two Brazilian scientists Carlos Cesar Soos and Robert Heitor Frascari
spent 12 years developing this motor based on the scientific principles of Keppe which is why the motor is called The Keppe Motor. The first motor was finished in 2008.
The new advantages of this electric motor can only be described as sensational:

Source: https://www.slimlife.eu/keppemotor.html

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