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December 31, 2003

Recalling its 1992 founding purpose of dedication to preserving humanity and planet earth, and

Reaffirming the need for mass awareness of the psycho-socio-pathological causes of the problems of our age,

The Stop the Destruction of the World Association officially declares the following:

Whereas the world environmental situation continues to be dangerous and life threatening, and

Whereas worldwide hostilities and terrorism continue unabated, bringing destruction, homelessness and unnecessary violence and pain to billions of earth’s citizens, and

Whereas all political, religious, scientific and activist initiatives have been, and continue to be, ineffective at addressing and solving the root causes of the serious problems facing us on our planet, and

Whereas evil in all its manifestations has been allowed full rein in human affairs and has been fully supported, consciously and unconsciously, by all of humanity for too long … and so

Now, therefore, be it known to all that an International initiative is henceforth declared to re-establish on Earth the true spiritual values which spring from inner truth and consciousness, and

In this Spirit, the STOP Association proclaims,

2004 – The Year of goodness

hereby officially marking the turning point for human society and initiating a counterforce of good action to bring an end to the evil and misery and suffering that are prevailing on Earth.

We henceforth call on all peoples in all nations to dedicate themselves to bringing goodness into all their affairs so that we might finally see a rejection of the forces of evil in human society and a welcome manifestation of beauty, goodness and truth – the Holy Spirit – here on earth.

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